About us

It began in 1977 as a hobby tree nursery on a small field on the opposite of the parents' farm in Nordloh. In 1980 an old barn with smaller land in Apermarsch was purchased. This laid the foundation for today's company location. After some renovation work, the barn served as a residential building and the first plants were produced on the fields before Arno became self-employed in 1985 and founded his tree nursery.

At the beginning, all plants were cultivated outdoors and digged out by ourselves. At that time, working with spades and hand cutters was everyday life and tendonitis was part of daily business. Over time, more and more sorts were cultivated in containers and the open land became less and less. Today the hand cutters are just souvenirs and the open land is completely history.

Over time, the tree nursery continued to grow and in 1998 the trading company Delger Pflanzenhandel GmbH was founded by Sabine Delger. For the first six years, the business of the plant trade was carried out in the residential building. Since this became too small over time, a new house was built in 2004 and the former barn was converted into employee housing and an office. 


In 2005 we were able to purchase an old farm nearby. After renovation work, this was initially operated purely as a young plant business. Today, in addition to the young plants, there are also goods for sale there.

The company has now grown to almost 30 hectares, of which 27 hectares are container plant areas. Our cultural focus is on Calluna vulgaris from the Gardengirls brand, Erica, Hebe, Hydrangea, a range of shrubs, rhododendrons, azaleas and grasses. Through the trading company we can also offer a complete range.

However, none of this would be possible without our 19 permanent employees and our seasonal temporary workers. It is extremely important to us that every employee is respected and that we enjoy our work. Since we are a family business and maintain our values, we treat each other that way and occasionally do some things beside of working hours such as: a 'Kohltour' or a summer festival. At our company, every employee also has a say in operational decisions. This means that our employees help design their own workplace and can help optimize e.g. operational processes.

Since 2013, at the age of 27, Dennis had to run the business due to Arno's short-term departure. Arno returned after a year and noticed that the business continued to run without him. Arno now lives near Berlin (Lychen) and cultivates Christmas trees on 30 hectares in an independent business, Forst- und Schnittgrün Delger.

Our company at a glance

You can get further insights into our company, our way of working and our everyday life in the video. If you would like to get a personal impression of us, our plants and our quality, please visit us in Apermarsch (Ammerland).

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